Man provides for two missions

A 30-year-old man caused two police incidents in bamberg on wednesday afternoon. First, the perpetrator punched another man in the nose in a social institution in the siechenstrabe. The victim had to be taken to hospital with a suspected nasal bone fracture. The offender then left the facility and was arrested around 14.20 o’clock picked up by the police in nurnberger strabe. There he was under the influence of drugs on the road and should be taken into custody because of his mood swings. The man obviously did not agree with this and fled at first.

During his subsequent arrest, the 30-year-old resisted and insulted the officers using the most foul language. He also damaged a police officer’s watch, which was damaged to the tune of about 250 euros. While being taken to a detention cell and the subsequent taking of blood samples ordered by the public prosecutor’s office, he again threw insults around and spat at the officers on duty. The man now has to answer for resisting police officers, bodily injury, damage to property and insulting behaviour.

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