Plastic fasting: yannick tries it himself

Plastic fasting: yannick tries it himself

In the cup or in the waffle?" I almost wanted to give the man behind the ice cream counter a routine "cup" answer, but then I remembered: eating ice cream without a lollipop – bad. So either sit down and enjoy the ice cream with a real spoon or take it with you in a waffle.

At the beginning of my experiment, I thought to myself: plastic fasting can’t be that hard. Looking at the beaches of this world, the plastic mountains of these households, i asked myself: "does it have to be like this?? Do we really need so much plastic??"

The material is almost everywhere: the collection of tupperware in the kitchen, the face cream in the bathroom or the window cleaner in the cleaning bucket. If you pay close attention to your environment and to what you use, it becomes clear that plastic is established in all areas of life. Our, my plastic consumption is too high for this world.

And that’s exactly what made it so damn difficult for me to give them up in the past two weeks. Because: where to start? In the bathroom, for example, in the collection urine, yes, in the mecca of plastic. We are no longer used to buying night creams, hair shampoos and toothbrushes in anything other than colorful plastic packaging over and over again.

But here are alternatives. Many drugstore brands now offer wooden toothbrushes. 100 percent biodegradable. If you think you should use them to scrub the bottom of your cake rather than your teeth, you’re wrong. The material is pleasant, no difference for the consumer to the plastic toothbrush – at least for the consumer. Because every few weeks I end up with the toothbrush in the yellow bag. The wooden counterpart costs around 2.50 euros, which is more than a traditional waffle. Additional costs for the sake of the environment. In many drugstores, you can now buy at least some plastic-free products. Toothpaste is another factor in the high plastic consumption in the bathroom. The environmentally friendly alternative: chewable tablets. For almost five euros you get 125 of them – the packaging promises that was equivalent to two tubes. At first, you are not used to rubbing the tablets until you get a more or less creamy mass. In combination with water, however, it becomes very runny and is therefore not the optimal solution.

But it also became clear to me that doing without plastic can be damned expensive overall. When you shop in a discount store, the supply of plastic-free food is dwindling. It remains only to reach for the more expensive goods.

Alternative: unpacked store

An alternative is the unpackaged store, which can be found in our region in bamberg, and from summer on also in erlangen. With plenty of glass cans in tow, you can really buy a lot of food here: noodles, rice, even washing powder can be tapped off. And: chocolate. But the products are more expensive than local ones.

A deodorant ended up in my bag. Not for bubbling, but for spreading. The solid deodorant, vegan and with essential oils, smells quite pleasant, not too intrusive. But above all it works. It cost me ten euros, but it contains palmarosa oil from organic farming and is supposed to last longer.

But driving from hochstadt to bamberg and back again to go shopping is not exactly environmentally conscious. There should be therefore simply more such small unpacked store. A concept for the city center of hochstadt? This self-test often reached its limits – very often. Because plastic has really arrived everywhere. Even the rewinding machine tabs are wrapped in a transparent film. Every single. Plastic is present even where you wouldn’t imagine it, and only those who pay explicit attention to consumption will notice where.

A bowling night with your friends: sounds environmentally sound, is practically bad. If the appropriate shoes are held out to you before bowling, there are also socks in them – in a plastic sleeve.

Plastic fasting also means getting creative and looking for homemade solutions. Hairspray, for example, is easy – but admittedly not as effective – to make yourself. Sugar water creates substitution. Fill the mixture into a glass bottle and close it with a plastic spray head – done!.

As you can see: you can never get completely around plastic. You can reduce it, you can look for substitutes, but you can’t do without it completely.

I found the self-test really difficult, especially with the substitutes. Every gum bar package, every bar of chocolate and especially every single candy bar is wrapped in plastic. Is there no alternative? One will probably be found, but not as long as the consumer, i.E. All of us, continue to buy these products. Yes, a bar in between I loved. But it is also okay to do without it. Plastic fasting also means candy fasting.

But plastic fasting is more than just doing without, it’s a change from what was taken for granted just a few years ago. On ketchup in glass bottles and toothbrushes made of wood. It is inevitable to do without, but for a long time it is not possible to do without everything that has plastic wrapped around it. Avoiding plastic altogether is not possible because of the lack of alternatives. Thanks to the industry.

But a reduction is good for the environment – and if you consciously pay attention to plastic, you will recognize the excess and consume less of it. A waffle with ice cream tastes excellent, too.

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