Record at the dixie-fruhschoppen

record at the dixie-fruhschoppen

Corpus christi is all about dixie music in melkendorf. For 31 years, the friends and supporters association of the workshop for people with disabilities in melkendorf has been inviting the public to a joint session. "But this year the visit exceeds everything. That’s a real record," says, the chairman of the "forderverein" klaus drescher was happy. The combination of dixie and swing music attracted more than 1000 people already in the morning. "We have never had so many visitors", drescher was pleased.
The band "swing aweng" provided good entertainment and the "kulmbocher stollmusikanten". The members of the forderverein and numerous visitors took the opportunity to get in touch with people with disabilities. Dean thomas kretschmar also joined in the celebrations and enjoyed the exuberant atmosphere.
For the little visitors there was a play and games course. In the summer temperatures, water splashing was the most popular activity. The children had to play a "burning" game house looting. When enough water has been sprayed through the windows, the flames disappear.
Also this year the proceeds of the event go to the employees in the workshop for people with disabilities. Because the declared purpose of the event is to support the people. "We are overwhelmed by the visit and are very happy about it", said the chairman of the forderverein. The money collected is used for specific purchases or to support special events – such as acting courses, carnival events or sporting events.

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