Report: next xbox won’t support today’s games

Report: next xbox won't support today's games

Microsoft wants to change the processor of the new xbox from the previous powerpc architecture to the classic x86 standard of the PC world, reported the financial news agency bloomberg, citing informed persons.

The supplier of the new chip systems is AMD, the smaller rival of the semiconductor industry leader intel, it was announced on monday. For the company, which has been going through a dry spell for years, the consoles thus become an extremely important pillar of the business: AMD is also rushing out the next playstation 4, which, like the new xbox, is expected for the christmas shopping season this year. The change in playstation also means that previous game discs will not be compatible with the new generation of the console. The japanese company wants to make these games playable via the internet.

The powerpc architecture developed by IBM is thus still on the decline. Apple moved into the intel world with its mac computers as early as the middle of last decade. With the transition of sony and microsoft’s consoles to the same platform, game development has become less expensive because less work has to be duplicated. The industry needs this: the classic computer games industry is under increasing pressure from online games and cheap games for smartphones and tablets.

The new xbox will be unveiled in may or june, bloomberg wrote. From 11. Until 13. June is the date for the E3 games fair in los angeles. The blog "the verge" and the "new york times" reported about a presentation in may, the blogger paul thurrott, who is specialized on microsoft, was the first to talk about a presentation end of may. According to his information, there will be an additional version of the current xbox for 99 dollars. Among other things, the new xbox generation should get even more realistic graphics, the "new york times" reports. In addition, according to previous information, one should be constantly connected to the internet while playing the game.

Over 75 million xbox 360 units sold so far. Microsoft has been working for years to establish the console as the center of digital entertainment. Over time, a networked budget could also be controlled. The kinect motion control system, which can recognize individual users, for example, plays an important role here.

At the same time, the company is divesting its mediaroom internet tv technology. The division was sold to the swedish network supplier ericsson. "This allows microsoft to focus 100 percent on the consumer TV strategy with the xbox," manager yusuf mehdi wrote in a blog entry. Mediaroom is used, among others, by deutsche telekom for its entertain TV service.

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