Spahn: not all afd voters are “lost nazis

Spahn: not all afd voters are

"I want to convince them of the union again."In the 2017 federal election, the union lost around 980,000 voters to the afd.

Spahn wants to win the debate with the party politically. Afd politicians like bjorn hocke "act racist, anti-democratic and anti-semitic, they incite and divide," he said. "Anyone who votes for this party needs to know who they are supporting."The CDU presidium member ruled out any agreed cooperation with the afd in german parliaments. However, he conceded: "it will not be possible to avoid the afd voting with the union in the federal parliament or in state parliaments."

With regard to his party, spahn called for a recognizable profile that is clearly distinguishable from the SPD. The faster the world turns, the greater people's need for connection, cohesion and family becomes. "It"s also about preserving cultural security: needs, traditions, the sunday day off."

The next grand coalition must regain confidence in the state"s ability to act, spahn emphasized. Migration is particularly important – in the past two and a half years, existing problems have become apparent, such as "criminal clans that control half the city's neighborhoods.

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