The children experienced a lot

The municipality of knetzgau offered vacation care during the second week of the whitsun vacations. 24 children took part in the program and had a lot of fun, the municipality announced.

The first event was a visit to the von der linden family’s organic farm in unterschleichach. After all the children had gained an overview of the animals and the environment, the children took part in water experiments. At the end of the vacation, aquatic life was explored in and around the aurach river, and a hike led to the adventure trail at the tretzendorfer ponds.

In another program item, the children of the vacation care in the "pizzarella" saw behind the scenes of the inn. All the children were allowed to bake and eat their own pizza.

A bike tour to the bohlgrund near zell was also on the program. After the strenuous drive in summer temperatures, the stay in the cool forest was a blessing.

At the game day, all children could bring their favorite games with them. There was tossing, puzzling and waiting.

In the second half of the summer vacations, the municipality of knetzgau is once again offering vacation childcare

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