The farmers have to wait for building land

The farmers have to wait for building land

Weisendorf’s mayor heinrich sub (UWG) had bad news for the members of the building committee: the invitation to tender for the development of the "buch – im grund" building area had been cancelled on the land of the former inn sub had to be lifted.
As the mayor reported, three companies submitted bids, two of which were evaluated. On the recommendation of the office GBI kommunale infrastruktur from herzogenaurach, the tender was cancelled at the meeting. In the opinion of the engineering office, the bids were significantly higher than the cost estimate, by up to 41 percent. The municipality and the investor are hoping for more favorable prices in the next restricted tendering procedure, because the developers are already eagerly awaiting the development.

Too dense?

There was a small discussion about an application for the construction of a new multi-family house with four apartments on goethestrabe. Ludwig paulus (SPD) and norbert maier (grune) were surprised at the dimensions of the planned multi-family house. "Densification yes, but not so much", was criticized. The plot of land at 2259 staatsstrabe is around 1400 square meters in size, and ten open parking spaces are to be built alongside the multi-family house. Since the location lies outside the established building limits and the cultivation-free zone to the state road is undercut, the road construction office must also be involved in the procedure. A cost agreement is to be concluded with the applicants for the construction of an additional water connection and, if necessary, a sewer connection. Norbert maier ultimately voted against the building application.
The installation of a liquefied natural gas tank on siedlerstrabe also required an exemption from the "auracher berg" development plan. Because in the development plan subordinate ancillary facilities are inadmissible, but may be permitted by way of exception if they serve the purpose of use of the properties located in the general residential area itself and do not contradict their character. The applicant justified the location outside the established building limits with the filling and maintenance.
Since the distance to the sidewalk is less than five meters, stefan sub (CSU) asked about the safety distance, especially in the case of filling. "The location of the gas tanks and safety distances are at the discretion of the installing company and will also be checked", answered the mayor.

Farmer allowed to build hall

There were no objections to the roofing over of an existing machine yard in the eaves area of kairlindach, especially since the project is privileged. In addition, the area is shown in the land use plan as a flat area for agriculture. The floor space of the new hall is around 200 square meters and is to be added to an existing hall. A total of around 940 square meters will be built over and the drainage is to be carried out by means of a trough seepage system in the site.
All other applications, such as the construction of a new single-family home on erlanger strabe, were either dealt with in the approval exemption procedure or the municipal consent was granted without discussion.

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