A5: ghost drive possibly suicide

A5: ghost drive possibly suicide

The police are working with a ten-member investigation team to solve the horror crash of the ghost driver in offenburg. Preliminary evidence suggests that the 20-year-old was intentionally driving in the wrong direction and may have wanted to kill himself, police said on monday. But the man did not leave a suicide note. Officers will question friends and family about possible motives and life circumstances. Police expect lengthy investigation. Five people and the ghost driver were killed in the accident on a freeway.

"There is a history. And this one we have to follow up now", the head of the offenburg police, reinhard renter, told the dpa news agency on monday. There is no suicide note. "He did not make it that easy for us." Investigators are also looking into the possibility that it could have been a test drive or driving under the influence of drugs. Renter expects that a final report will not be available until next year. "This year will be no more."

There were no problems with traffic flow or a construction site at the freeway onramp, renter said. "There are no unusual circumstances that could have confused the driver and led him into the wrong lane." It must be assumed that the 20-year-old was deliberately heading in the wrong direction.

One day after the accident of the ghost driver, the police focused on the surroundings of the person who caused the accident. This will also be the main task in the coming days. The aim is to find out why the man was driving in the wrong direction on the freeway. To find out, his life will be examined. "It’s a puzzle we have to put together", said the police spokesman.

The 20-year-old from the ortenau district of baden was a ghost driver on the 5 freeway near offenburg early sunday morning. He caused a serious accident in which he and five other people were killed. People were injured in subsequent accidents, including a 37-year-old woman who was trying to administer first aid. In the meantime, her life is no longer in danger. All victims were identified on sunday. Police say investigations at the scene of the accident have been completed.

According to the auto club europa (ACE), there is no patent remedy against ghost driving. However, the signage could be optimized, said ACE spokesman rainer hillgartner. In austria and occasionally in bavaria, there are yellow-neon reflective signs with a hand symbol that warns against driving the wrong way. Claws in the carriageway of slip roads and off-ramps, on the other hand, are less suitable.

Nationwide, there have been repeated wrong-way collisions with several fatalities in recent weeks. At least 13 people died in accidents involving wrong-way drivers in october alone. Five people were killed four weeks ago when a 24-year-old suicide driver crashed into a car with four passengers on the A46 in the sauerland region of germany.

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