Cooling sold out: in forchheim there are hardly any air-conditioning rates and fans left

cooling sold out: in forchheim there are hardly any air-conditioning rates and fans left

The heat wave continues to keep forchheim in a sweatbox. But those hoping for technical help are currently looking down the tubes: fans and mobile air-conditioning units are sold out at forchheim's DIY stores and electrical retailers – with a few exceptions. "We have sold fans without end. The demand was much higher than we had goods there. The climatic rates were also sold brutally well," says, says matthias kilian, manager of the media store in forchheim.

Table and floor fans, coarse and small air-conditioning units – his customers had cleared his shelves in the past few days. On monday four single stand fans were delivered, after that all cooling electric units are gone. "Nobody could have expected that the heat period would last so long", says kilian.

The expert was also sold out last week. "Every day we have over 70 requests for fans. We received the last 30 on wednesday, but they were sold again after only four hours," explains achim schiele, reports diana krenn, department manager for small goods at expert forchheim. "The fans have, thank god, still been delivered. We did not expect it any more ." Krenn has currently ordered supplies again. But they don't know whether fans can still be supplied at all.

Customers also buy expensive equipment

Even the more expensive air-conditioning units are all sold out. "Even if a customer sees an air conditioner for 800 euros in the sales room, he still takes it", achim schiele explains how much demand there is for technical cooling equipment due to the extreme heat.

Even the head of the department for coarse equipment cannot promise that the air-conditioning rates, which are more effective than fans, will be available again soon. New units may have arrived at the end of the week. "If you now check out forchheim, erlangen, furth or nurnberg – there is nowhere you have a chance. That's what all handlers and baumarkten are going through right now", emphasizes schiele.

This is confirmed by marcus doppernas from globus-baumarkt: "on friday, our supplier put three pallets of fans in our yard – they were sold out in four hours." Ventilators and air-conditioning units are currently no longer available for order. Every year, an annual quota is agreed with the suppliers: in the spring, the globus DIY store orders how many units are needed, and when demand is high, they reorder them. "When the quota is exhausted, then it becomes difficult. But it wasn't foreseen that there would be such a hot spell.", doppernas explains the bottleneck. On tuesday the globus gets another 16 units, but they are all already reserved.

Industry can no longer deliver

The media-markt in forchheim has already reordered fans and air-conditioning units three times this summer. "However, we have now become cautious with repeat orders. The industry can no longer deliver and of course we do not know how long the heat will last", according to media-markt-manager kilian. Because the delivery time for air conditioning rate was currently up to three weeks. "If we were now to order a rough swing for the beginning of september, then we do not yet know what the weather will be like then", so kilian. That's why ventilators and air conditioning will remain scarce in forchheim in the near future.

Four tips for the hot summer and the right way to handle air conditioners

Bjorn schmorell, a physician from forchheim, is an allergist, lung specialist, environmental and sleep medicine specialist and knows what to look out for in the extreme heat and how to ensure a healthy climate in the office and in one's own home.

1. Keep the windows closed during the day and ventilate at night! "Unfortunately, this is still often done incorrectly", schmorell says. If you keep the heat out of the room during the day by keeping the windows and shutters closed, you often don't need an extra air conditioner.

2. Sufficient drinking! "At these temperatures, we're losing a lot of fluency, and not just over the swiss", betrayal of the medical profession. Even if we do not sweat acutely, our body constantly loses water during the heat wave. That's why you should make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

3. Avoiding the rough heat! "If it's possible, you should do your shopping or other errands in the morning, when it's not so hot", council schmorell. Not for nothing, the sudlanders were taking a siesta in the afternoon. Those who can afford it should take a rest in the afternoon.

4. No extreme temperature differences! "Even if you have air conditioning in your car, apartment or office, you shouldn't set it too cold", stresses the doctor. At around 34 degrees celsius, 25 to 26 degrees celsius is sufficient inside. "The body gets used to the heat over time", so schmorell. He also recommends not sitting in the direct draft of the system and changing the air filter regularly.

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