Court: “reichsburgers” not allowed to own weapons

Court: 'reichsburgers' not allowed to own weapons

Followers of the "reichsburger" scene are not allowed to possess weapons after a court order. Those who follow their ideology and reject the federal republic and its legal system "give reason to fear that they will also not strictly follow the regulations of the weapons law".

Members and sympathizers of the movement are "in principle to be regarded as unreliable in terms of weapons law", the administrative court of gieben announced.

In a summary proceeding, the judges confirmed the opinion of the weapons authority of the district of marburg-biedenkopf, which had revoked the weapons permit of a suspected scene supporter on the grounds of unreliability. The court decision is of fundamental importance, a spokeswoman said. However, the decision is not yet legally binding.

The federal office for the protection of the constitution estimates that there are around 12.600 supporters from. He sees a "considerable willingness to use violence" among some of them. According to the federal office for the protection of the constitution, a number of actors are also active in the right-wing extremist scene.

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