Enjoyment with a drop of bitterness

The lake stage was a wonderful place for a summer serenade. The singing society liederkranz vestenbergsgreuth had invited to the idyllic garden of the culture cafe. Many listeners had accepted the invitation. The guests dispersed in groups at the cozy places. Under shady trees and pavilions, amidst flowers and greenery, it is pleasant to enjoy coffee and cake on this summer day. From the lake came the music of the village musicians and the guitar group "saitengwerch". From the neighboring communities, the lonnerstadt choir and the schornweisach choir had come to the concert. Classical choruses and beautiful old folk songs were mostly what fit so well in this environment. But also "money, money" from abba, sung by the schornweisach singing group, was well received by the audience.

Liederkranz chairwoman katharina fochler was pleased to be able to bury group chairwoman emilie meier and her husband manfred as well as group choir director ingrid geyer among the guests. Of course, mayor helmut lottes and his wife did not miss the serenade either.

How to go on now?

However, there was a drop of bitterness in the beautiful musical summer afternoon: it was the farewell concert for friedemann grau, the long-time musical director of the vestenbergsgreuth choir. "Yes, we no longer have a choir director", regretted the liederkranz chairwoman katharina fochler. The choir currently consists of 18 singers. 2007 already saw the celebration of the choir’s 100th anniversary.

No one knows what will happen now, fochler answered the question. During the summer break, the song will rest for the time being. After the vacations, they will have to sit down and discuss the issue together.

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