Flyball lets the dogs fly

Flyball lets the dogs fly

Loud dog barking can be heard on the training field of the flyball group in muckenreuth – a sign that things are about to get started. The animals are under tension, want to run. When trainer nadine swoboda gives the starting signal, the two dog teams will compete against each other. Then the dogs will jump in a duel over four hurdles, grab the tennis ball and take back the four hurdles again. As soon as the yellow ball hits the target, the next animal takes off. Four dog-human teams are in the starting blocks, each with its own companion.

Flyball is the only dog sport in which teams are formed. It originates from the USA. It is not yet very widespread in bavaria. Only a few local teams take part in competitions. Flyball in upper franconia is different: the group travels to tournaments more often, last year even to the european championships in borken (north rhine-westphalia).

On saturday, 12 . May, a flyball tournament will take place for the first time in upper franconia at 8 a.M. And is expected to last until about 4 p.M. Venue is the land of the sheepdog club neudrossenfeld in muckenreuth. Visitors are also welcome, even with their dogs, for which they only need to bring a valid vaccination certificate. Admission is free.

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