New building of a jva in bamberg is inspected

New building of a jva in bamberg is inspected

Should move the prison? The political leadership of the city wants it, the management of the correctional facility (JVA) sees the matter positively, the residents are opposed to a possible relocation with mixed feelings – after all, one does not know what was to follow. And the ministry of justice, which must ultimately decide on it?

So far, the reaction in munich to the issue, which was raised by mayor andreas starke (SPD) and mayor werner hipelius (CSU) in an open letter to minister-president horst seehofer (CSU) on the occasion of the meeting of the bavarian cabinet in bamberg at the end of january, has been rather reserved. The need for action in other jvaen is greater, according to minister beate merk (CSU). Bamberg has no priority.

Expert discussion on site
But now there seems to be some movement in the matter. At an on-site technical meeting attended by representatives of the ministry of justice, the supreme building authority, the state building authority and the prison management, it was agreed to prepare a feasibility study on a possible relocation of the prison. In the process, as state secretary melanie huml (CSU) learned from the ministry of justice in response to a question, the economic viability of continuing to run the "cafe sandbad – including necessary renovation measures – can be compared in detail with that of a new building elsewhere in bamberg.

This was also the basis of the purely technical discussion on 17 june. April in bamberg. In particular, the city of bamberg must be approached to clarify when and where it can make a suitable site available.

Ten-point catalog
The city of bamberg is satisfied with the development. Press spokesman franz eibl refers to the "rough wish list, which stark and hipelius presented to the minister-president on 30. June. In addition to the demand for financial support for the city of bamberg for the expansion of the intercity express and the conversion of the U.S. Site, the ten-point catalog also calls for the relocation of the correctional facility. This was "a milestone in the structural change of the inner city, it says under point 8 of the open letter to horst seehofer.

And further: "the city of bamberg needs the commitment of the bavarian state government that this path will be approved. The city of bamberg is already declaring its willingness to press ahead with conversion planning from this point of view as well."

Everything depends on conversion
Eibl points out that the question of a new prison building is the sole responsibility of the state government and the ministry of justice. And as far as the question of a plot of land is concerned, in this case the state of bavaria is also called upon to support bamberg in the conversion of the US sites. A statement on a possible location could therefore not be made at present, neither in terms of time nor space.

Around 70 million euros
According to the ministry of justice, a new building would have to have a capacity of at least 400 seats for reasons of economy – about twice as many as at present. According to the cost formula set by the ministry for this – 170.000 euros per prison place – that would bring his total to around 70 million euros.

The fact that the question of such an expensive new building is now to be examined in an open-ended manner is also seen as progress by huml. The signal from munich is quite clear: "we are seriously considering the idea that." A concrete timetable for the feasibility study does not exist, however, according to reports.

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