Ob promises rosy times for homeowners

The "store" leave the "fritz" shopping center, many shops in the langgasse are empty. Nevertheless, mayor henry schramm is sure that rosy times are dawning for property owners because of the upcoming university settlement.
The cabinet's decision to make kulmbach a university town was like winning the lottery, declared the chairman of the kulmbach and surrounding area homeowners' association, jorg naumann, at the members' meeting.
The fact that up to 1,000 students are expected to come to kulmbach one day is creating a spirit of optimism, the mayor said. "We have planted flowers, preserved the market, lowered the contributions, but we have lost residents year after year. In 2017, for the first time, we had more inhabitants again", schramm spoke of a trend reversal. "We will need more housing and more kindergarten places. We will have to expand and renovate school facilities. We need to start building the infrastructure now."
Only in the last few days, an investor from upper bavaria bought an inner-city brownfield site. Its goal: to create student housing. Apartments are also to be built in pestalozzistrabe and petzmannsberg. "This will not only be high-priced housing", explained schramm, who advocated a revitalization of the city center. "We must succeed in retaining students in kulmbach."
Jorg naumann put the number of members at 540. In the past year, the volume of consultations has increased immensely. The reason: the legal requirements became more and more difficult and incomprehensible. The market had once again developed into a rental market, as housing was in short supply. "Within a few weeks, an apartment can be rented in kulmbach", according to naumann. Average rents are around 7.50 euros per square meter for newer properties and five to six euros for older ones.

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