Pandemic slows down the sport bowlers

Pandemic slows down the sport bowlers

Like all other sports, the sport of bowling in kronach has had to contend with considerable problems and restrictions in the last six months due to corona. The 2019/20 season was ended prematurely in march 2020 and with the currently rising infection figures it must be feared that the 2020/21 season will be cancelled completely. Despite all this, the first chairman of the kronach bowling club, horst wich, was pleased with the large attendance at the annual general meeting.

The association kronacher sportkegler is the umbrella organization of the individual bowling clubs that participate in league play. He especially buried the honorary chairman of many years erwin dannreuther as well as patrick linthaler, the district chairman of upper franconia in the bavarian sport bowling association

(BSKV). By the way, the district of upper franconia is one of the leading sports bowling districts in germany with several national league teams (women and men).

Patrick linthaler emphasized the necessity of starting the 2019/20 season after the 16. Matchday to be cancelled. He also predicted a difficult upcoming season, which can begin at the earliest in early october with an option for november or even january. In the last case, the season would drag on until the summer of 2021. Supraregional championships will not take place at all. In view of the other problems, such as.B. The implementation of the strict hygiene concept or the change of the game times, it is to be feared that very many teams not only in kronach to the new season at all do not start, particularly since then no negative consequences for the season 2021/22 are to be feared (no relegation).

Linthaler then congratulated the kronach bowling club on its 60th anniversary and presented it with a certificate. In this context, long-time members and the 2019 club champions were also honored (see box).

First chairman horst wich emphasized in his report that the loss of members (-6) was limited compared to other sports. Thus, the entire club now has 111 active bowlers and still four individual clubs. These are: the fusion club gemutlichkeit-gut holz kronach, SKC crana kronach, post SV kronach and TSV wilhelmsthal. For the first time in the club’s history, all four clubs had entered at least one team at district level.

Also from a financial point of view there are only positive things to report. All the funds were granted and transferred by the city and the district.

As already announced last year, the club is completely debt-free for 30 years. Special thanks to cashier dietmar welscher. With repayment of the last borrowed amounts to members and individual clubs, the so-called "building block action" could be started successfully completed. The loan of around 30,000 euros, which was still from the construction of the new bowling alley and was associated with high interest rates, could be rescheduled almost interest-free.

Sporting successes could second sports director hermann wolf and the youth director regina schuberth hardly report, because in the last season due to pandemic no supraregional championships took place or were prematurely canceled (auber youth). Tim mausbacher and marie schubert from post SV kronach each became district champions in the under-14 category. In addition, both became in their function as guest players at KV bamberg schnittbest in the respective bayernliga.

In the normal league game operation is the promotion of the 2. Post SV’s mixed team to be promoted to the A-north district class. The women’s team of TSV wilhelmsthal won the runner-up spot in the upper district league, as did the 1st team. Men’s team of the SKC gemutlichkeit-gut holz kronach in the district league A north-east. The 1. Teams from post SV kronach and TSV wilhelmsthal have to be relegated from this league to the north district league.

Since no one was willing to take over the position of the resigned first sportsman jorg fischer, the chairman horst wich in cooperation with the second sportsman hermann wolf will additionally take over the sporty-organizational matters until further notice.

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