Professional musicians found drum school in hallstadt

professional musicians found drum school in hallstadt

Norbert weinhold drums for the cellar squad, with which the rapping folk musicians positioned themselves on rough festival stages as well as in the rotation of mtv and viva. Meanwhile, christoph laubender was swinging the sticks as a freelancer for bands like deichkind or sasha: references, the "insight-drums" benefit. That's what the french called their drum school, where ambitious youngsters can now learn the necessary knowhow from professionals, so that they can maybe play at open airs like "rock am ring" one day on the piano.

Discovered in a church
With a love of music in his genes, christoph laubender grew up in a "classically minded" school family on. With restrained enthusiasm the hofheimer practiced on the piano. All fingerings on black-and-white keys ended after a vacation, during which the twelve-year-old discovered the instrument that has accompanied him ever since: "in a church, of all places, i discovered an abandoned drum kit. I hit it – and it was all over me", says the now 39-year-old. That same year, schuler played in his first band – not unlike norbert weinhold, who immediately proved his clout in the hard rock field. The munich drum school "drummer's focus" brought the two musicians from lower franconia together on the isar, who are now passing on their theoretical and practical stage experience to the next generation in upper franconia.

"We teach interested people – from beginners to professionals – in all styles of modern drumming", says laubender. An accentuation, with which "insight-drums" can be used different from the classically oriented education of state institutions. "We don't work with students to prepare them for classical orchestra work", says laubender. It was more a matter of qualifying them for stage appearances with bands – from jazz to hip hop, rock and pop to metal. "Some musicians can hardly cope with the dynamics that are increasingly required."

In hallstadt
Just outside bamberg, the lecturers moved into 160 square meters in the industrial area at the harbor and equipped their three now soundproofed classrooms with state-of-the-art drum sets and multimedia technology. "We received 40 registrations for the opening of the "drum school", reports christoph laubender. The students who play at "insight-drums" are between eight and 60 years old take your first steps into the world of max roach, ringo starr or phil collins, for example, or get further qualifications – like the oldest participant: "he's been taking private lessons with me for ten years and is now attending our school in the harbor."

No, the "insight drums" complain about a lack of resonance-so far no reason. "I myself spent years looking for lessons in modern drumming, as i finally found them in munich in 1996", says norbert weinhold. By then, the cellar commander had already learned a lot of things on his own. Like legendary jazz drummers of the post-war period, he hoarded records from the 40s and 50s and played the groove – better and better.

From 2008 onwards, weinhold went back to cloy petersen to learn from the founder of "drummer's focus" to be trained as a percussion teacher. The following year, together with david saam and various other protagonists, he launched the keller commando, which has since been signed to warner music. "Our videos have already been shown on mtv and viva, and this year alone we played at 30 major festivals such as 'das fest' with around 35,000 visitors." The next german tour of the volxmusikanten starts in november.

Given the wave of success the commanders are riding, does weinhold still have enough time to build up a drum school?? "But for sure. After all, most of the big festivals are in the summer vacations and our next tour ends after ten days already."

The right body language
What has kept him busy all these years, the 37-year-old passes on as a teacher. For music that suits them and that no curriculum merely prescribes, his students should swing their sticks – whether the youngsters are learning techniques to make their mark in the hip-hop, heavy-metal or drum-and-bass cosmos. "It's a matter of working out efficient playing techniques for the respective area", says weinhold. Even posture and body language are the focus of the school, where interested students can also prepare for entrance exams. "University graduates also turn to us to fill knowledge gaps after studying jazz, classical, but not modern percussion."

With a-ha on the TV stage
The "most sustainable by the way, weinhold's stage experience was not with the cellar squad, but with a-ha: "we performed at the bambi awards ceremony, which was broadcast live on ARD. Playing in front of all those tv viewers, that's a feeling you'll never forget."

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