Terrorist group abu sayyaf kills dutch hostage

Terrorist group abu sayyaf kills dutch hostage

The 59-year-old was shot as he tried to flee during a firefight. His body was found in the municipality of patikul, about a thousand kilometers south of the capital manila. The dutchman had been in the hands of abu sayyaf since february 2012 – longer than any other hostage before.

The group has made headlines several times in the past decades with kidnappings and killings of foreigners, including germans. According to an army spokesman, the dutchman tried to escape during a firefight between militars and abu sayyaf members. Six suspected islamists were killed, the spokesman said. Two soldiers had suffered gunshot wounds.

The man from groningen was abducted together with a swiss and their philippine driver when the three wanted to go bird watching in the province of tawi-tawi. The filipino was able to escape shortly afterwards, the swiss two years later.

Abu sayyaf has long been trying to finance its armed struggle with kidnappings and loose money payments. Two years ago the group murdered a german sailor couple.

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