Through the needle’s ear at 80 tons

It is shortly after 1 a.M. In wirsberg. Blue light illuminates the night. Police escort two heavy goods vehicles from the jerichower land near magdeburg from the highway to the health resort. The convoy stops at the square below the town hall, where the glass containers are usually located. Drivers karsten pirk and ralf rower get out of the car, talk briefly with their companions. Because without them nothing goes. Only pirk's girlfriend, heike glock, who has come along for the ride as an exception because her boyfriend has told her that the transport is something very special and certainly spectacular, remains sitting in the driver's cab and looks out of the cab, somewhat perplexed. "You have to trust the drivers, they can do it", says heike glock. "I have the day off, so I went along for the ride. My friend told me that it is quite narrow in wirsberg", betrayed them and is already a bit shocked at the sight of the narrow ortsdurchfahrt.

Karsten pirk turns the steering wheel. He has to turn the low-loader, which weighs more than 80 tons and is 25 meters long, along with the huge part for the wind turbine base onto the road and parking lot, and then maneuver it backwards through the pinhole at the town hall. At first everything works like clockwork. After just a few tries, the low loader is upside down. The windmill part is perpendicular to the road. Like a wall. The nose of the tractor barely misses the angels standing on the opposite court. Karsten pirk's companion moves a no-stopping sign to the side.

"We have specially removed the glass containers", says burgermeister hermann anselstetter. But these were not the only preparations. A lantern, which would have been in the way, was dismantled, even a tree had to be felled. In addition, the floor was covered with heavy-duty mats so that the truck would not completely destroy the subsoil. For safety's sake, there were experts on site who could have intervened if there were problems with a pipeline or if a hydrant was damaged.
Then suddenly an unpleasant noise. The low loader scrapes the floor. The sidewalk is deeper, the land slightly sloping. The heavy load throws up the gravel in thick layers. Burgermeister anselstetter shrugs off the camera. He gets a little queasy.

"No problem"

Usher udo schmolke takes a quick look when the back of the car starts to smoke. "No problem", he says. The driver maneuvers the truck around the corner with a deafening crunching noise, then maneuvers with the snout towards heavy transporter number two – again in the direction of the entrance to the village. It's centimeter work. "Another 30 centimeters", shouts the usher, who is aware of his responsibility. The space, which has been precisely calculated, is sufficient. After being maneuvered several times, the low-loader with its heavy freight is neck-and-neck with heavy-haul truck number 2 – exactly parallel to the roadway. Now karsten pirk maneuvers the giant vehicle in the dark of night through the narrow passage at the archway of the town hall – and moves back a little further. Finally, semi-truck number two must also go through the same procedure. Turning on the carriageway, backwards through the bottleneck. He has already learned from the manover of his predecessor, drive a little schrager on the place. This makes it higher, it doesn't have the problems with setting up. "Don't flash, or I won't be able to see", ralf rower is still flapping out of the window. He doesn't mind being on the road in the middle of the night. He is accustomed to such operating times. His employer, the forwarding company meier und sohn, has 40 trucks of this type in operation and transports wind turbines all over europe to their final destination.

Rower is already weaving his way through the bottleneck. In the surrounding houses, people look out of their windows. Dogs bark, a baby cries. Some onlookers have also turned up so as not to miss the spectacle. Because in wirsberg there has never been anything like this before. The already standing wind turbines have been concreted in place.
"So, I'm through, says driver number two. Meanwhile, the blue light convoy with the first part has already started moving towards sessenreuther berg.

Walking speed on the mountain

The two trucks with the wind turbine parts pull up the hill at walking speed, passing the houses with their hair on their shoulders. "Two more vans to come in the night", betrayal burgermeister anselstetter. And parts are still being delivered on wednesday night. "Because there is a holiday on thursday, it will not continue until next week", explains anselstetter, who is relieved that the transport went so smoothly.
Two new mills are being built on sessenreuther hohe. These are burger plants with an investment volume of 8.39 million euros and a participation volume of 2.5 million euros. The two high-tech bikes are to be connected to the grid before the end of the year. They can then supply a total of 3500 three-person households with electricity, including the wind turbine that has already been installed.

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