Tsv hirschaid wins “battle of the sexes

Tsv hirschaid wins 'battle of the sexes

For the 100th anniversary of TSV hirschaid, a very special soccer match was initiated. The recently in the district league secured 1. The TSV team received none other than the women’s national league team SC 07 bad neuenahr. This special spectacle was to be a successful start with a colorful supporting program, many beautiful scenes and delighted spectators for a two-week birthday party.

As is so often the case, the idea for this extraordinary day came about rather by chance. A multigenerational swimming competition, with the participation of the organizer dirk van elk, went so well that during the subsequent award ceremony in the rooms of the TSV hirschaid, not only one word was said about the upcoming club birthday. Dirk van elk came up with the idea for something special. With bernd stemmeler, long-time president of the women’s soccer team SC 07 bad neuenahr, he quickly found someone with an open ear and willingness for this event. Unfortunately, he himself could not witness this day, as he passed away last friday after a short but severe illness.

“I heard about it and was deeply touched. I find it all the more impressive that the team from bad neuenahr is still competing and implementing the wish of its president”, according to dirk van elk. In fact, the team around the coaching staff colin bell and ai yoshiizumi had arrived with the well-known faces from the first women’s national league. In tow were among others the current national players almuth schult, leonie maier and the current fubballer of the year celia okoyino da mbabi.

Unfortunately, the sympathietrager with an impressive goal quota was injured in the end, so that she could not play. Nevertheless, they do not want to miss the opportunity to come and thank the hospitality after the game. “We received a very warm welcome here and had a really spab.” also co-coach ai yoshiizumi referred to the very warm invitation. “I am looking forward to a good game and hope for an existing friendship of both clubs.” vice-president stefan gustav, who was also present at the game, was also very happy about this extraordinary game. “We do this in this form the first time. Our girls are used to comparisons at B-youth level. How they do here, I can only hard to estimate. I am very curious.”

apart from the sporting delicacies, the event had even more to offer. Already one hour before the start of the game the sambagroup bateria quem e’ created the right atmosphere in the regnitzau. The ca. 40 women and men from the wurzburg, schweinfurt, habfurt, bamberg, coburg, erlangen, regensburg and nurnberg area convinced until well after the final whistle with brazilian rhythms and lots of energy. Of course also for the physical well-being was provided, so that none of the approx. 1500 spectators had to leave hungry or thirsty. In addition, a lot was offered for the small guests. In addition to the bouncy castle, the goal wall and the basketball hoop, the local fire department also volunteered its services for the youngsters. The youngsters were not the only ones to be entertained by a mini draw led by ralf fiedler.

The colorful program offered the ideal ground for a joyful day for the TSV hirschaid. “After the pressure from the bezirksliga is now finally gone, we can enjoy this highlight here so properly. I think it”s great that a club like bad neuenahr is willing to do this and offer the spectators a lot. Many thanks also to dirk van elk for his excellent organization. I”m looking forward to this match and to the team finally being able to play with freedom.”, according to TSV coach juan catalan. With these words and a large number of spectators, the spectacle could finally begin.

Under thunderous applause the players entered the court, which were buried by eight fubball players of the region. Among them was saskia arleth, daughter of the TSV treasurer and player for the district league team SV wernsdorf. It should be later still actively in the focus of the action. A special honor came to helmut kugel. As a longtime member of the club and a regionally active entrepreneur, he was allowed to kick off the ball. In view of the sudden death of bernd stemmeler, the game was started with a minute of silence and both teams played with mourning florals. But then it could start and punctually to the start now also the sun loved to appear.

Hirschaid wanted to show immediately who is master in the house and clawed the ball. But already in the fifth minute the talent of the fubball women flashed for the first time, when laura bronner took a heart and shot the leather with force to the crossbar. The spectators were amazed, but it went on lively. On the other side a clever double pass between benedikt zenglein and stefan bartilla leveraged the defense and it could only save the post. What a start to this friendly match. There followed a few minutes in which hirschaid took control of the game and in the 23rd minute. Minute through stefan bartilla went into the lead. SC 07 bad neuenahr, however, always showed the playful class, like kathrin becker after half an hour, when she skillfully played around three opponents and only lost concentration in front of the box. Shortly before the break, benedikt zenglein had the opportunity to further extend the lead after the agile daniel weinkamm prepared well.

Since such a spectacle cannot be financed without external help, special thanks were given to the three local sponsors during halftime. Another highlight announced afterwards SC-co-coach ai yoshiizumi. With a puzzled look, saskia arleth, who was presented with a SC bad neuenahr jersey with the number 10, was brought to the square. The already overjoyed saskia arleth was even more amazed when ai yoshiizumi told her that she had scheduled the young player for the second half of the match. The new jersey was to be used immediately and the dream of playing in the national league team was to be fulfilled.

The second half started like the first half with the awakening of the sun. Today everything just fit. While the women showed technically demonstrative some neat ball tables, the men proved their drive to the goal. Hirschaid’s solid rough in the storm stefan bartilla scored in the 53rd minute. In the second minute he scored his second goal and a little later johannes geheeb increased the score to 3:0. Then came saskia areths appearance and thus there was the first bundesliga-einsatz from hirschaid. In the aftermath, her new teammates were always looking for contact, as in the 62nd minute. Minute after a nice cross from marie pyko. Hirschaid, on the other hand, continued to play forward and increased its lead until the 76th minute. Minute by zenglein, bartilla and geheeb on 6:0. National goalkeeper almuth schult didn’t stand a chance in any situation. In the 80. Minute, saskia areth almost scored her goal, but her shot went just wide of the goal. But the women showed towards the end again really what they have it and played themselves several times technically convincing in the enemy penalty area. After a nice cross, marie pyko finally scored the final goal and the final score of 6:1.

But the final whistle of referee kristin rebhan was not to be the end of the day. Saskia areth was presented with another treat by being invited to the training camp of SC 07 bad neuenahr. The mutual appreciation did not flatten and so both celia okoyino da mbabi and SC vice stefan gustav thanked for the warmth of hirschaid and for the fair and attractive game. The joyful and good-humored spectators were given the opportunity to chat with the players, take photos and get one or two autographs of their favorite soccer player.

For the heiligenstadterin johanna helmer and the TSV-junior player florian simon there was finally still the possibility to win a free flight in the ultralight airplane. For three converted penalties against almuth schult there should be a free hour. But only florian scored once, and so both participants got at least 30 minutes each of breathtaking flying minutes. Furthermore, in all the hustle and bustle was also thought of those who are dependent on help. And so TSV board member dr. Hermann knorl between the posts to let all the players of bad neuenahr play against him. For each not held eleven he donates 20€ to the kinderarche in hirschaid. After a few strongly placed goals and a decent performance by knorl, the result was a respectable total.

Encouraged by their chairman, the entire TSV team also decided to take part in a spontaneous campaign for the kinderarche. At their mission they paid 20€ for each missed shot against national goalkeeper almuth schult. Even if the kickers of the TSV scored very well, the engagement, which almuth schult completed with the auction of her gloves also still spontaneously pays. “I hope the spectators had fun and we were able to show that women”s soccer has something to offer. The guys were nice and everything else was just right”, said the satisfied national goalkeeper. Thus a more than successful fubball spectacle came to an end. Spectators, sponsors, players and organizers can look back on a great day and look forward to further highlights in the context of the 100-year anniversary of TSV hirschaid.


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