Up to 47 degrees in australia

Up to 47 degrees in australia

New south wales state fire department spokeswoman bridie O’connor said there would be no respite for firefighters. More than a hundred fires blazed on friday as well. Stronger winds and higher temperatures love to increase the fire risk again.

Fourteen of the numerous fires were out of control, the fire department explained. Around 70,000 mostly volunteers fight the flames. Fire danger remains rough everywhere, warns fire chief shane fitzsimmons. "No place is immune. The state must remain on alert. Uberall there is extremely dry, flammable material. Fires really break out very easily."

During the record heatwave this january, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, lightning strikes sparked many fires. Others were probably laid. Fires destroyed homes, killed thousands of livestock and burned rough flats of pastureland. In new south wales, the fire department estimates that 370,000 hectares of land burned – that’s slightly more than the flatness of mallorca.

On the island of tasmania, where devastating fires raged last week, residents gradually returned to their homes. 126 houses were destroyed, including that of tim and tammy holmes. The couple fled with their five grandchildren under a jetty in the water as the inferno of flames raged around them. Their faith helped, they told the local newspaper "the mercury. "People are asking us why we can still smile. But there is more to life than just material possessions."

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