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North Yorkshire is a county in North East England and the biggest in the location, as it’s roughly 2,483 square miles.

It’s a remarkable location to utilize a drone, however with national forests and nature protects spread throughout the land, you need to prepare your drone flights thoroughly.

Where can you fly a drone in North Yorkshire?

Here are the leading drone flight areas in North Yorkshire:

  • North Moors National Forest
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Yorkshire Dales National Forest
  • Nidderdale

This guide will take you through the very best locations to run a drone in North Yorkshire and share some drone laws and ideas along the method, so ensure you do not miss it!

The very best areas to fly your drone in North Yorkshire

The following drone flight suggestions in North Yorkshire are present to the very best of our understanding.

Nevertheless, you ought to constantly utilize a drone map to identify limited airspace (consisting of short-term flight constraints) and search for signs showing where you can and can not fly.

With that caution out of the method, let’s begin the list.

1. North Moors National Forest

North Moors National Forest is a location of unlimited marvel in North Yorkshire.

Immerse yourself in spectacular views like stellar night skies and picture-perfect seaside sights, have a look at areas where programs like Downton Abbey and The Secret Garden were shot, go biking or horseback riding, take a leisurely walk, or enjoy some wildlife.

The park covers 554 square miles. Considering that it’s such a picturesque location, more than 23,000 individuals live here.

According to the North Moors National forest site[1], you can release a drone on the park premises.

Nevertheless, thinking about just how much of the park is privately-owned land (as much as 80 percent), you need to have the landowner’s approval prior to your flight.

” MORE: Can You Fly a Drone in a UK National Forest?

The National Forest Authority owns the remainder of the park, which is under one percent.

Hence, while you’re technically enabled to fly a drone within North Moors National Forest, whether you can or can not eventually boils down to individuals who live here.

Even More, the National forest Authority mentions that it “will not give approval to amateur operators for drone flight from its land for the following factors …

In case of a mishap triggering damage to home or injury to individuals, the operator of the drone will be responsible to pay payment.

Amateur operators usually have actually not gotten expert training, are not signed up with the Civil Air Travel Authority and do not have suitable insurance coverage, ought to this occur.”

So what does the National forest Authority specify as an amateur drone pilot? They’re describing enthusiasts or leisure pilots. Just industrial pilots can run here.

You need to get in touch with the National forest Authority and demand its approval if you prepare to do any industrial shooting. You can just movie on lands the company owns.

You’ll have a greater opportunity of getting a yes if you have actually drone insurance coverage and CAA registration. It likewise assists if you deal with a recognized production business.

You need to get in touch with the National forest Authority a minimum of 21 days ahead of your job to guarantee you have approval in time.

If you’re approved permission to utilize your drone for industrial shooting in North Moors National Forest, you need to fly at least 50 meters or 150 feet from personal property and crowds, fly no greater than 120 meters or 400 feet from the ground, and prevent limited drones.

In the park, the land around Kilburn White Horse and the Sutton Bank National Forest Centre is limited.

2. Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales in historical Yorkshire County consists of Yorkshire Dales National forest — which we have showing up on the list– however includes the land beyond the park too.

This location consists of hills and river valleys in between the Pennine watershed and the Vale of York. The Garsdale, Dentdale, and Ribblesdale dales are under the Yorkshire Dales umbrella, as are a collection of limestone caverns.

Like North Moors National forest, much of Yorkshire Dales is independently owned. Individuals who live here utilize the large lands agriculturally, normally on farms however likewise hamlets and small towns.

The most typical farming activities are livestock and sheep breeding.

You can run your drone throughout Yorkshire Dales, although not in every last nook and cranny. For instance, you can not fly over personal property without talking to the landowner initially and getting their approval.

You need to prevent Malham Cove, as peregrine falcons nest here that are secured by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Set up 1. If you interrupt the birds, you might deal with a criminal charge.

The National Trust has much of the land in neighboring upper Wharfedale and Malham Tarn. You can not fly a drone here either.

You ought to likewise highly think about keeping your drone out of the cavern systems, as acid rock and dark conditions are not favorable to a safe drone flight. You might likewise lose signal the much deeper you enter into the cavern.

The cavern systems in Yorkshire Dales consist of:

  • Stump Cross Caverns (by Pateley Bridge)
  • Ingleborough Cavern
  • Goyden System (near Pateley Bridge)
  • White Scars Cavern (by Ingleton)
  • Easegill System
  • Leck Fell Caves
  • Mossdale Caverns
  • Alum Pot System
  • Open Gill System

3. Yorkshire Dales National Forest

If you can fly your drone in Yorkshire Dales, it just makes good sense that you can do the exact same in Yorkshire Dales National Forest. Certainly, you can.

The Yorkshire Dales National Forest is an 841-square-mile national forest in North Yorkshire. Well, the majority of the park remains in North Yorkshire, however a few of it remains in Lancashire and Westmorland, although a lot more in the latter than the previous.

The park very first opened in 1954 and grew in size in 2016. It’s the house of such appealing sights as the Kisdon Force waterfall, Orton Fells, the Cautley Spout waterfall, Clapton, and Bolton Castle.

Despite The Fact That you’re enabled to fly a drone in Yorkshire Dales National forest, thinking about that more than 95 percent of the land has personal owners, it’s at their discretion that you can release a drone.

As Soon As once again, you’re forbidden from utilizing your drone in Malham Tarn and Malham Cove to prevent disrupting the Peregrine falcons.

Even more, you need to prevent flying in all Unique Defense Locations and Websites of Unique Scientific Interest. Health clubs and SSSIs throughout the UK are offered to examine on this drone map.

Do you prepare to utilize your drone commercially at Yorkshire Dales National Forest? You need to get in touch with the National forest Authority and get approval.

4. Nidderdale

Pilots have actually likewise had best of luck flying their UAVs in Nidderdale, a Yorkshire dale likewise described by the residents as Netherdale.

As part of the River Nidd’s upper valley and tanks like the Gouthwaite Tank, the dale likewise includes Patetley Bridge, a village.

Nevertheless, there are lots of settlements in the location:

  • Kettlesing
  • Hampsthwait
  • Birstwith
  • Darley
  • Dacre
  • Summerbridge
  • Glasshouses
  • Bewerley
  • Middlesmoor
  • Lofthouse
  • Ramsgill
  • Wath

As has actually held true the whole time, you need to speak with the landowners and request their approval prior to you release your drone.

UK drone laws to understand prior to you go

Now that you have actually discovered some excellent locations to fly a drone in North Yorkshire, let’s evaluation the CAA’s drone laws.

You require a drone license

The UK has 2 kinds of drone licenses, Operator and Leaflet IDs.

You can have one or both, as a Leaflet ID is for those who fly a drone, whereas an Operator ID is for those who are accountable for drones either as a specific or part of a business.

You need to pass a flying test to make a drone license in the UK. The Leaflet ID test is more fundamental compared to the Operator ID test.

You can likewise decide to get both licenses all at once.

You need to register your drone

The CAA does not need registration if yours is a toy drone or a light-weight UAV that weighs less than 250 grams.

That likewise uses to drones without an electronic camera.

When you register your drone, you’ll get a special registration number you need to attach to your drone prior to flying it.

Do not fly over 120 meters

The legal height limitation for unmanned airplane in the UK is 120 meters or 400 feet.

If you’re flying on a cliff, hill, or mountain, usage whatever the closest point is to the earth’s surface area as your point of assistance.

Do not run closer than 50 meters to individuals

Whether individuals are fixed or taking a trip by means of car on land or sea, you can not fly your drone closer than 50 meters to individuals. You’re likewise forbidden from flying over individuals.

Smaller sized drones can get closer to crowds, as can pilots who have approval from the crowd to run nearer to them.

Nevertheless, you should not run your drone in such a method that somebody might get injured.

In bigger crowds, such as in a hectic mall, a show or celebration, a jam-packed beach, or throughout other circumstances where crowds collect, you can not fly over the crowd with your drone.

Do not fly closer than 150 meters to structures

You’re likewise forbidden from utilizing your drone within 150 meters of the closest commercial, leisure, domestic, or industrial website unless your drone weighs less than 250 grams.


Whether you reside in North Yorkshire or simply going to, you’ll discover this location is abundant with culture, heritage, and some really sensational locations to fly your drone.

From Nidderdale to Yorkshire Dales and North Moors National Forest, you can catch video of all kinds throughout the UK.

Please get all needed authorizations and constantly follow CAA drone laws when you fly here. Have a good time out there!

1. North Moors National Forest ( link)

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