ADU 01186: Drone Market Patterns for the Rest of 2021 and Beyond

Today’s program has to do with drone market patterns for 2021 and beyond.

Our caller for today, Tom has actually created an excellent concern that will definitely intrigue all you drone lovers out there.

Particularly, with the drone market in a continuous state of flux, Tom is questioning where things are headed in 2021? From micro-drones to leisure flying to the altering characteristics of the American drone producing market, we talk about a lot in today’s power-packed program. A few of the important things that we talk about today:

How big companies are rearranging their drone groups

Why DJI might battle it hard to keep its vice-like grip over the American drone market

How will leisure flying develop in 2021

Will DJI lastly change the Phantom 4 with the much-awaited DJI Mavic 3 in 2021?

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  • [01:20] Why drone roofing assessments are an untapped chance that every drone pilot should check out today
  • [02:39] Today’s concern has to do with market patterns for 2021
  • [03:33] Organizations wanting to broadening their drone groups?
  • [07:07] FAA’s TRUST program to present a UAS Security test for leisure pilots
  • [09:39] Will the FAA’s brand-new TRUST program apply to those who fly in FRIA’s?
  • [13:04] Why the Mini 2 is a MUST purchase for Part 107 pilots; and, will the FAA present a brand-new micro-drone guideline in 2021?
  • [16:09] Why the market is not most likely to step on the gas pedal in 2021
  • [18:20] Are our drones lessening yet more capable?
  • [20:13] Will DJI Mavic 3 ultimately change the Phantom 4?
  • [22:26] An ongoing flurry of M&A activity within the drone market
  • [22:38] Skydio vs. DJI– Will the homegrown, American maker ultimately surpassed the Chinese leviathan?
  • [23:30] Will security issues provide a fillip to American drone makers?
  • [28:08] Will we see more LAANC-enabled airports? And, will it end up being much easier to fly in absolutely no grid locations?
  • [31:38] Drones for STEM education– how this nascent innovation can assist our trainees carry out much better and overtake their peers
  • [36:11] How drones teach us spatial awareness

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