Record at the dixie-fruhschoppen

record at the dixie-fruhschoppen

Corpus christi is all about dixie music in melkendorf. For 31 years, the friends and supporters association of the workshop for people with disabilities in melkendorf has been inviting the public to a joint session. "But this year the visit exceeds everything. That’s a real record," says, the chairman of the "forderverein" klaus drescher was happy. The combination of dixie and swing music attracted more than 1000 people already in the morning. "We have never had so many visitors", drescher was pleased.
The band "swing aweng" provided good entertainment and the "kulmbocher stollmusikanten". The members of the forderverein and numerous visitors took the opportunity to get in touch with people with disabilities. Dean thomas kretschmar also joined in the celebrations and enjoyed the exuberant atmosphere.
For the little visitors there was a play and games course. In the summer temperatures, water splashing was the most popular activity. The children had to play a "burning" game house looting. When enough water has been sprayed through the windows, the flames disappear.
Also this year the proceeds of the event go to the employees in the workshop for people with disabilities. Because the declared purpose of the event is to support the people. "We are overwhelmed by the visit and are very happy about it", said the chairman of the forderverein. The money collected is used for specific purchases or to support special events – such as acting courses, carnival events or sporting events.

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Serving the mitburgers for 140 years

serving the mitburgers for 140 years

Rescue, rescue, save, protect – four simple words whose meaning can only be appreciated when one finds oneself in an emergency situation. Fortunately, there are always people who are committed to the volunteer fire department – and have been for many generations. This is also the case in wachenroth, where the volunteer fire department can look back on 140 years of service. 140 years of saving lives, extinguishing fires and protecting people, animals, property and goods.
Not only for the firefighters a reason to celebrate, it says in a press release, which is why the entire population of the 8. Until 10. June is invited to the fire station to celebrate the past 140 years.
The start of the festival weekend is the kesselfleischessen on friday from 18 o’clock. On saturday, the band "tutti frutti" will create the right atmosphere celebrations – admission is free and the festivities begin at 6 p.M. The festival sunday begins with a festive service at 9 a.M.30 o’clock with following fruhschoppen and lunch with "die kleine dorfmusik" (the little village music) from wachenroth. After coffee and cake follows the cozy festive finale in the evening.
The history of the wachenroth volunteer fire department begins, like that of many other fire departments, in the 19th century. Century. As early as 1848, the municipality of wachenroth bought the first "fire extinguishing machine" – a hand-operated fire engine of the company kubel. In 1878, the wachenroth volunteer fire department was officially registered with the bavarian state fire department association. Even though the conditions and tools of today and the past are hardly comparable, the equipment of the wachenroth volunteer fire department was always state of the art. In 1937, for example, a "new type of motorless device" was developed – a ziegler portable pump TS 8/8 with trailer and the crew vehicle "ford FK 1000 with motor portable pump TS 8/8" was bought at its inauguration in 1963, the fire engine was the first of its kind in the hochstadt district to be purchased by a municipality for its fire department.
Various vehicles followed until the current fire engine "LF 16/12" was purchased in 2000 and in 2013 the latest logistics truck "GWL-2" previous vehicles replaced. The fleet is currently supplemented by a team bus, which will be inaugurated on the anniversary sunday.
From the beginning, volunteers have been committed to the motto "god’s honor, the neighbor’s defense" volunteer for the general public. While the fire department initially consisted only of men, the first platoon of female members was formed during the second world war. At that time, due to the current conditions, women are now an integral part of the volunteer fire department – both in the active team and among the young firefighters.
For more than 30 years, the fire department in wachenroth has also been actively involved in youth work. The youth fire department, founded in 1987, has made a name for itself in recent years with its very successful participation in fire department events at district level. Since 2012 there is also the children’s fire department "loschzwerge", which introduces children between the ages of seven and eleven to the topic of the fire department and also places great emphasis on fire safety education for the youngest children. The wachenroth fire department has already laid the foundation for continuing in the future what has seemed self-evident to all of us for several generations: that someone will come quickly when we are in need.

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Swinging jazz got into the blood

Swinging jazz got into the blood

The beneficiary of this benefit concert is the association "musifit trimburg", a subsidiary organization of the "friends of trimburg" association, whose deputy chairman micha straub thanked for the donation. This year, elementary school students from lower franconia will again be invited to take part in the summer "class trip to music invited to perform a musical by rolf zuckowski at the music academy on the trimburg again after preparation. The aim of these actions is to combine music, fitness exercise and healthy food for the children. "The participation of the kindergarten days has also doubled in the meantime", shows "musifit-chairman and director of the bavarian music academy, kuno holzheimer, on the success.

Unuberhorbar was also the spab at the music, which the 18 music students radiated now in their jazz concert. Among the instrumental registers of six woodwinds, four trombones, five trumpets, one bass and two percussionists, joined by two pianists, a number of soloists emerged from time to time to impress the well-filled hall with their improvisations. The applause was always sure for these soli. On the music stands were several pieces by bob florence, rainer tempel and the africa suite by thorsten wollmann.

Music for young and old

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Young gmd aspirant to succeed kluttig in coburg: “i love conducting opera”

Young gmd aspirant to succeed kluttig in coburg: 'i love conducting opera'

The young australian conductor daniel carter is the third contender to succeed roland kluttig as general music director at the landestheater. In an interview, the 30-year-old reveals why he became a conductor and what appeals to him about the job in coburg.

What appeals to you about the job in coburg??

Daniel carter: coburg is a medium sized house – and from freiburg i already have experience with a medium sized house. But it radiates more than other houses of this rough. The most blatant example of this is the guest appearance in london this year. Besides, roland kluttig is a conductor you just know.

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