Flick’s emergency call is confirmed – “survive” the start of the second round

Flick's emergency call is confirmed - 'survive' the start of the second round

2:5! In nurnberg! Against the third last of the 2. League! Under normal circumstances, a test match result like this would put the coach of FC bayern in a bit of a quandary a week before the serious game in the bundesliga.

Hansi flick, however, had good reasons for the botched dress rehearsal – and he had already made the emergency call to the currently alarming rump squad of the german record champions days before during the training camp in qatar.

In the max-morlock-stadium basically only the confirmation followed. When flick completely changed the current A-elf after an already mediocre first half, the youngsters went down helplessly against a motivated nurnberg team. "The game had other omens," said flick. "But clearly: i can’t be satisfied with the result."

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Eintracht wants to go to berlin – tedesco “fired up” for cup duel

Eintracht wants to go to berlin - tedesco 'fired up' for cup duel

Some want to repeat an unforgettable day, others want to go to the final in berlin for the first time: ahead of the DFB cup derby between eintracht frankfurt and FSV mainz 05, both teams present themselves as highly motivated.

"We know what it’s like to be in the cup final. Everyone who was there last year wanted to go back," frankfurt coach niko kovac said on tuesday before the round of the last eight teams. And his colleague from mainz, sandro schwarz, said: "this is a great competition. And we want to remain unbeaten in this competition tomorrow evening."This is also the goal of FC schalke 04 and vfl wolfsburg, who will play in the second quarterfinal on wednesday.

As for mainz, the final would also be a premiere for schalke coach domenico tedesco. "That would be a huge story," the 32-year-old said of his possible first final appearance. For this story to come true, his team will have to improve on its performance in past league games. A brilliant first half of the season has so far been followed by only four points from four games in the second half, with a last-minute home defeat to werder bremen on saturday.

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Castle meeting attracts many segnitzers to the schutzenhaus

Castle meeting attracts many segnitzers to the schutzenhaus

For the last time in her term of office, marlene bauer, the mayor of segnitz, held her annual meeting last thursday evening at the schutzenhaus. Around 70 of the 800 or so residents accepted bauer’s invitation, who is no longer running in the local elections in march for reasons of age.

First of all, the citizens were informed in detail about the figures of the municipality from the previous year. The high level of debt compared to previous years was particularly noticeable here, but this can be explained by the village renewal, which was realized in 2019. At the same time as the pavement was renewed, the water connections and gas pipes were also renewed. And after consultation with the adjacent house owners, fiber optic cable was laid for faster internet access. During the excavations for this, parts of the old city wall were found.

Some streets, such as bruckengasse, are so narrow that no rough machines could be used there and much of the work had to be done by hand, which drove up the costs. According to bauer, the municipality wanted to rehabilitate further sections of the road, but this came at too high a cost and must now be done in the following years.

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Journal retracts controversial study on genetically modified corn

There were concerns that the number of animals used in the experiments was too low and that the rat strain used was not suitable for the experiments, the publisher responsible, elsevier, announced in cambridge (USA) on thursday evening.

A research group led by gilles-eric seralini from the university of caen in western france reported in november 2012 that the genetically modified corn NK603 from the manufacturer monsanto caused cancer in rats. The scientists had fed the animals with the genetically modified corn for two years and also exposed them to the associated pesticide glyphosate. Seralini blames genetically modified corn for rats’ early deaths.

Numerous scientists and the european food safety agency (efsa) had found the study, which appeared in the journal food and chemical toxicology, to be seriously flawed. The editor-in-chief of the U.S. Trade journal stressed that the data published in the study was correct, but not conclusive enough.

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Controversy over study on young muslims

Controversy over study on young muslims

Interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) warned immediately after the publication on thursday against placing young muslims under general suspicion of terrorism. Justice minister sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger (FDP) questioned the validity of the study. There is a danger that it will only produce headlines, she said. The opposition also attacked friedrich over the study.

The figures about young muslims who reject integration in germany caused particular excitement. According to the study, 22 percent of german muslims between the ages of 14 and 32 are reluctant to integrate. They rather emphasize their own culture of origin. Among muslims without a german passport, as many as 48 percent had a strong tendency toward separation.

Willingness to use violence was also investigated. The study included "strictly religious people with a strong aversion to the west, a tendency to accept violence and no tendency to integrate". In the group of young muslims, this applies to 15 percent of germans and about 24 percent of non-german youths.

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Report: next xbox won’t support today’s games

Report: next xbox won't support today's games

Microsoft wants to change the processor of the new xbox from the previous powerpc architecture to the classic x86 standard of the PC world, reported the financial news agency bloomberg, citing informed persons.

The supplier of the new chip systems is AMD, the smaller rival of the semiconductor industry leader intel, it was announced on monday. For the company, which has been going through a dry spell for years, the consoles thus become an extremely important pillar of the business: AMD is also rushing out the next playstation 4, which, like the new xbox, is expected for the christmas shopping season this year. The change in playstation also means that previous game discs will not be compatible with the new generation of the console. The japanese company wants to make these games playable via the internet.

The powerpc architecture developed by IBM is thus still on the decline. Apple moved into the intel world with its mac computers as early as the middle of last decade. With the transition of sony and microsoft’s consoles to the same platform, game development has become less expensive because less work has to be duplicated. The industry needs this: the classic computer games industry is under increasing pressure from online games and cheap games for smartphones and tablets.

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The farmers have to wait for building land

The farmers have to wait for building land

Weisendorf’s mayor heinrich sub (UWG) had bad news for the members of the building committee: the invitation to tender for the development of the "buch – im grund" building area had been cancelled on the land of the former inn sub had to be lifted.
As the mayor reported, three companies submitted bids, two of which were evaluated. On the recommendation of the office GBI kommunale infrastruktur from herzogenaurach, the tender was cancelled at the meeting. In the opinion of the engineering office, the bids were significantly higher than the cost estimate, by up to 41 percent. The municipality and the investor are hoping for more favorable prices in the next restricted tendering procedure, because the developers are already eagerly awaiting the development.

Too dense?

There was a small discussion about an application for the construction of a new multi-family house with four apartments on goethestrabe. Ludwig paulus (SPD) and norbert maier (grune) were surprised at the dimensions of the planned multi-family house. "Densification yes, but not so much", was criticized. The plot of land at 2259 staatsstrabe is around 1400 square meters in size, and ten open parking spaces are to be built alongside the multi-family house. Since the location lies outside the established building limits and the cultivation-free zone to the state road is undercut, the road construction office must also be involved in the procedure. A cost agreement is to be concluded with the applicants for the construction of an additional water connection and, if necessary, a sewer connection. Norbert maier ultimately voted against the building application.
The installation of a liquefied natural gas tank on siedlerstrabe also required an exemption from the "auracher berg" development plan. Because in the development plan subordinate ancillary facilities are inadmissible, but may be permitted by way of exception if they serve the purpose of use of the properties located in the general residential area itself and do not contradict their character. The applicant justified the location outside the established building limits with the filling and maintenance.
Since the distance to the sidewalk is less than five meters, stefan sub (CSU) asked about the safety distance, especially in the case of filling. "The location of the gas tanks and safety distances are at the discretion of the installing company and will also be checked", answered the mayor.

Farmer allowed to build hall

There were no objections to the roofing over of an existing machine yard in the eaves area of kairlindach, especially since the project is privileged. In addition, the area is shown in the land use plan as a flat area for agriculture. The floor space of the new hall is around 200 square meters and is to be added to an existing hall. A total of around 940 square meters will be built over and the drainage is to be carried out by means of a trough seepage system in the site.
All other applications, such as the construction of a new single-family home on erlanger strabe, were either dealt with in the approval exemption procedure or the municipal consent was granted without discussion.

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Lightning tournament at sk mitwitz: pfadenhauer wins again

There were no major surprises at the internal christmas blitz tournament at the mitwitz chess club. All players were challenged in the blitz tournament – a special form of the royal game with only five minutes of playing time per player and game.

Narrow victory

Last year’s winner, uwe pfadenhauer, won by a narrow but well-deserved margin with six points out of seven. Closely followed by friedrich burger, who performed strongly and only suffered one defeat.

Third place was shared by willibald zitzmann, who was on the rise, and hubert konradi, who was expected to do even better.

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Haunted castle gets creepier

haunted castle gets creepier

The glaring red face with the torn open mouth jumps out at you formally. Tip teeth and claws stand out. The monster face with its googly eyes nevertheless triggers a smile as my first reaction. If i found that funny, then he must have done something wrong, says manfred popp – and then smiles himself. He is currently putting the finishing touches to several two-meter-high paintings on blockboard in one of the halls of the building yard. The motives are from his imagination. They show, besides the said red monster, a green one and a three-eyed one, and are supposed to move into the interior of the haunted castle in the lichtenfels marchen forest. Only one photo is allowed by the idea giver, because scary moments live from the surprise after all.

In addition, there will be new sound images, with chain rattling or howling, suitable to scare the visitors of the gloomy present. Womoglich movement-abhanging steered. The sound technology has improved since the opening of the marchenwald in 2000. Back then, he recorded various noises himself, which were played back on a CD player, remembers the former city employee, who has not let go of the marchenwald even in his retirement. He didn’t lack ideas, they came "like when you turn on a tap". It fits in with the city administration’s intention to offer something that is cherished in the marchenwald, but also something new every now and then. In the past year, a witch’s broom, on which children can ride, and a rapunzel tower have been purchased. In the spring of this year, the renovation of the haunted castle was envisaged. This has been one of the attractions of the marchenwald from the beginning, and the years have left their mark. Already in the middle of september, popp has started to build the approx. 20 square meters of rough "masonry", to give a new coat of paint to a height of 2,50 meters (without the battlements), and to redesign the interior. He is meticulous about it, the effect is important to him. Over the years, he has enjoyed observing how differently the spectators have approached the matter, some of them not wanting to let go of their father’s hand.

Between buckets of paint and wooden frames there is also a box containing a pin and other "equipment" are. With my inquiries I admit that my visit to the haunted castle was many years ago and I do not remember the details. "All children know the skeleton in the dungeon" says manfred popp, at least with the lichtenfelser he is sure there. For him, this also explains why, in contrast to the early years, nothing is demolished in the marchenwald anymore. The little ones get rough and remember. "This is a piece of your own childhood. You don’t destroy that."

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Learning to live with the beaver

Learning to live with the beaver

"The beavers will be permanently native to our region", confirmed the graduate biologist uli meblinger, who gave a lecture on the topic "the beaver – landscape designer in the field of tension between nature conservation, water protection and land use" at the invitation of the bund naturschutz held. How beavers change the landscape can be seen, for example, between bad konigshofen and grobeibstadt, where there are three territories on the saale, or on the haubach toward aubstadt, where there are four inhabited territories.

Meblinger reported on the "media star", who constantly makes negative headlines. You could fill just as many articles with wild boar damage – but damage produced by europe’s coarsest rodent was new and therefore more interesting. The biologist made it quite clear: it must not be that the farmers pay the bill in the end. They must be compensated, which is why bavaria has a "beaver fund". Riparian strips can also be established along the water with the help of demand programs and riparian strips can be bought up and left to the animals. These move mainly in the vicinity of their waters and renaturalize river courses better than a human could.
Meblinger has proven through years of observation and mapping that the beaver is a true keystone species. Where they produce dams, castles, transport trenches, slides into the water, food rafts and deadwood, insects, fish, amphibians, birds and even the black stork multiply. The diversity of species is increasing, the beaver lakes offer a last refuge in times of drought, and the groundwater level is also rising as a result of water retention. Dragonfly species threatened with extinction reappear "beaver protection is not just about the beaver", meblinger made clear.
Luckily, vegan animals often live in areas where they do not stork. "Problem beaver" are a "bavarian specialty, said meblinger, in part because there is no regulation in this state that prohibits farming as close to the shore as possible. If there were uncultivated shore strips everywhere, the conflicts between the rodents and the farmers were less frequent. In other european countries, the free landscaper is most welcome.
There are, of course, cases in which the beaver commissioner or the lower nature conservation authority must be informed because the damage is unacceptable.
Trapping or even killing beavers is only allowed with the permission of the authorities, because the beaver and its structures are strictly protected by law.
"We must learn to live with the beaver", said the speaker. Regina vossenkaul

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