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Join the thousands of people who subscribe to our once-daily email or our free miles and points Facebook group with all the best travel news. In August 2018, my son and I spent a few days in Europe together. Going back through my trip reports, I realized I never reported on our time in Bruges, Belgium. Naturally things may have changed in the time since we’ve travel bruges there, especially if you are planning to visit during COVID. So check on these attractions to see if they are still open and how COVID has adjusted their operating hours or procedures. You’re much more likely to fly into Brussels or another city and then drive or take the train to Bruges. Bruges is about an hour from Brussels, about an hour and 15 minutes from Antwerp and about 3 hours from Amsterdam. We had stayed the night before at the Holiday Inn Express Antwerp City North, and then made our way to Bruges early in the morning.

As I mentioned, it was about an hour drive, so we got to Bruges fairly early in the morning. Bruges is a city best explored on foot, so we parked our car at the train station on the south side of the city. UNESCO World Heritage Sites Our first stop was exploring some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bruges. I’m a sucker for checking things off lists, so of course I track the number of World Heritage Sites that I’ve been to. There are many sites that allow you do to this — personally I use Most Traveled People, which tracks UNESCO sites in addition to countries and other travel-related things.

SEE ALSO: Most Traveled People gets a face lift! The city center of Bruges is itself a World Heritage site, but there are also two other UNESCO World Heritage sites that you can visit in Bruges. The Belfries of France and Belgium consist of 56 different belfries, one of which is in Bruges. Also, there are 12 Flemish Béguinages that are also inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. A Béguinage is a complex of buildings similar to a convent or nunnery. The Béguinage of Brugge is one of those, and it was a quick detour on our way from our parking spot to the city center. Chocolate Museum After exploring the city center and central square, we made our way to Choco-Story, a museum about the history of chocolate. Our favorite part, which sadly is probably a COVID-casualty, were the dispensers of literal all you can eat chocolate.

The signs next to the dispensers said that you really could eat as much as you wanted, but asked that you please not fill any bags or pockets. I ate probably more chocolate than I needed to. We then took a canal ride through the city. It was 10 euros for an adult, with lower prices for children. We got on in the center of the city at the Nepomucenusbrug bridge. There was a short wait before we were able to get onto a boat with enough capacity for us. Again, it seems likely that this may operate differently with COVID. The canal boat ride was interesting itself, with the guide pointing out the various architecture and history of Bruges.

Towards the end of our tour, he pointed out a gigantic 38-foot-tall whale sculpture made completely from plastic waste from the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. The Bottom Line After having a picnic lunch, it was time to head to our car as we were staying the night in Brussels before our flight back to the United States. Still, it was a great trip with great memories of Bruges. Have you been to Bruges, Belgium? What are your best things to do? Visited Bruges some 30 years ago. Arrived via train from Brussels, and took the canal tour, so relaxing I actually nodded off. As I recall, there was a cathedral that had been damaged by bombing in World War II.

Agree that Bruges is best explored by walking, and that the chocolate is fantastic. I loved the three days I spent in Bruges — lots of art and history. But how in the world did I miss a chocolate museum? I will definitely have to go back. We took one day to do a tour of Flanders Fields and other WWI sites with a guide in a van. People are still finding shrapnel and shells from over a century ago. When that happens, they place the artifact in the holes of their multi-holed old telegraph poles, and someone comes along to collect them. We walked through the trenches and visited several memorials to the dead.

At one point we visited a lake and were standing around talking about the history of what happened there. It turned out not to be a lake at all, but a man-made crater from a WWI explosion that had filled with water and algae. Very sobering day, but an unforgettable travel experience. Thanks for sharing this great information about Bruges! I’ve been to Brussels and have been on the fence about Bruges, but article has changed that. I’ll be looking to visit the city after the pandemic is behind us. We were looking for things to do as we booked for 2 days on weekend.

This is a city game and city tour that allows you to make the best walk of Bruges, connecting the best attractions in one walk. We used a mobile app and started walking through the city. We received many info about the attractions and it was really fun. This game is provided in many cities of Europe. The other day we went on a boat trip, which is a really must do when in Bruges. With these two things we were totally amazed of this beautiful city! Free chocolate and the whale sculpture make it a must-see for me. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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The basilica in Burg square consists of a lower and upper chapel. The lower chapel, dedicated to St. Basil the Great, is a dark Romanesque structure that remains virtually unchanged. In 1134, Thierry of Alsace decided to build a private double chapel next to the Oud Steen, the first residence of the Counts of Flanders, transformed today into the town hall of Bruges. Thierry went on crusade a second time in 1147 during the Second Crusade. The chapel of Saint Basil is one of the best preserved churches in Romanesque style of West-Flanders. Built from 1134 to 1149, the chapel is dedicated to St.

The chapel consists of two side naves and a central nave continued by the choir, which in turn is ended by a semi-circular apse. In the tympanum above the entrance linking the chapel and the annex is a 12th-century representation of the baptism of Saint Basil. At the left of the choir, the chapel of Saint Yves was added in 1504 and houses the relics of Saint Basil and of Blessed Charles the Good, Count of Flanders. The black marble retable is allegedly executed from designs by Lancelot Blondeel. Originally built in Romanesque style like the St Basil chapel, the upper chapel was transformed in Gothic Style at the end of the 15th century and again in 1823. Only the curved arches giving access to the side chapel of the Holy Cross remain from the original Romanesque chapel. Main altar of the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

During the 19th century, successive renovation campaigns gave to the chapel its final Gothic Revival aspect, with its characteristic mural decorations. The pulpit in the form of a globe was made in 1728 by Henry Pulinckx, inspired by its evangelical purpose : “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” Mark 16:15. The large wall-painting behind the high altar was realized in 1905. In the upper part, the Mystery of the Cross depicts Christ shedding his blood, with, in the background, the towns of Bethlehem, where Christ was born, and Jerusalem where he died. The high altar used today for the Eucharist is decorated with a relief in alabaster from the beginning of the 17th century depicting the Last Supper. Typical attributes of a basilica, the tintinnabulum, the small processional bell, and the Umbraculum, the sunscreen in the form of a parasol in yellow and red silk, are displayed next to the high altar.

Laurent Delvaux completed in 1751 the white marble altar in Baroque style for the relic side chapel. The two adoring angels were made by Peter Pepers. Relic of the Holy Blood, Bruges. The basilica is best known as the repository of a venerated phial said to contain a cloth with blood of Jesus Christ, brought to the city by Thierry of Alsace after the 12th century Second Crusade. Recent research found no evidence of the presence of the relic in Bruges before the 1250s. Modern examination has shown that the phial, made of rock crystal and dating back to the 11th or 12th century, was a Byzantine perfume bottle made in the area of Constantinople. Its neck is wound with gold thread and its stopper is sealed with red wax. The reliquary used during the procession is displayed in the Basilica Museum.

Jeu du Saint Sang is a Belgian passion play, performed in Bruges. In the 2008 movie In Bruges, Brendan Gleeson as Ken pays a visit to the relic of the Holy Blood. Chapel of the Holy Cross where Relic of the Precious Blood is presented to the worshippers. Large stained glass window in the Chapel of the Holy Blood. Chapel of the Holy Blood small stained glass window. It is considered to be the first artistic renovation carried out by the recently created Belgian State.

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The original stained-glass windows were removed after the French Revolution. Some of the original ones ended up in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The Holy Blood: King Henry III and the Westminster Blood relic. The Holy Blood: King Henry III and the Westminster Blood Relic. Archived from the original on 2012-09-05. Joseph Boon, Sanguis Christi, Le jeu du Saint Sang de Bruges, in three acts and a prologue, French translation Émile Schwartz, éd. Bruges: The Chapel of the Holy Blood at trabel.

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All the details, what do you want to find? Thierry of Alsace decided to build a private double chapel next to the Oud Steen, which is a really must do when in Bruges. Made of rock crystal and dating back to the 11th or 12th century — painting behind the high altar was realized in 1905. Quirky Ghent offers a fascinating cultural cocktail brimming with trendy, sEE ALSO: Most Traveled People gets a face lift! It was about an hour drive, successive renovation campaigns gave to the chapel its final Gothic Revival aspect, the total price will be clearly displayed prior to any deposit being required.

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Child-friendly Ghent: have fun on your weekend trip with the whole family! 046 0 20 0 0 8. 583 0 0 1 31 13. 584 0 0 1 9 26. If you have any other questions or comments, you can add them to that request at any time. Sign up for our Weekly Specials! Gate 1 Travel has provided quality, affordable escorted tours, river cruises and vacation packages for more than 35 years.

We look forward to showing you More of the World for Less on your next vacation. Sign up for exclusive travel deals! I went with 2 of my friends. We all had our own rooms. The Hotels were great and the staff was fantastic. The tours included in the package were great, we also did additional tours. The free time we had allowed us to mingle with the town folks and explore the cities at our leisure. The very best part was our Tour Manager Vic.

His home was France, he knew everything about France and all the other countries were visited. We enjoyed every facet of it. The timelines, convenience, professionalism of every detail was beyond words. The tour guide Romaine, was exceptional. We are looking to do another tour where he’s available. 5 stars to Gate 1 and to Romaine as well. We couldn’t have asked for more on our dream vacation with my sisters.

Our guide Vic and the bus driver were on top of everything. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. Accommodations were great, food and information were all spectacular. Thank you Gate 1 for another amazing trip. Thank you Gate 1 for providing wonderful customer service and a delightful itinerary on which we felt safe and learned lots of information about the countries of Netherlands and Belgium. We will use Gate 1 again soon. We did and saw so much that I want to go back now to just relax!